Cloudflare Network Services

Enterprise network connectivity, security, and performance — all delivered as a service.

Cloudflare delivers WAN-as-a-Service, Firewall-as-a-Service, DDoS protection, SD-WAN in a SASE framework to help enterprises connect, secure, and accelerate their corporate networks — without the cost and complexity of managing legacy network hardware.

The Cloudflare difference

Globally Fast

Cloudflare’s global network spans 285 cities in 100 countries, with direct connections to over 11,500 other networks. This puts your applications within 50ms of 95% of the online population.


Configure and enforce security policies throughout your network with cloud-native firewall-as-a-service, industry-leading DDoS protection, and seamless Zero Trust security.


With the Cloudflare anycast global network, your traffic automatically uses the nearest Cloudflare data center and routes around network failures without any manual intervention, resulting in higher uptime with lower total cost of ownership.

Get the connectivity and security you need

Cloudflare Network Services

Cloudflare One (SASE)

Modernize your network architecture using the SASE framework with Zero Trust security built-in.

Magic WAN

Connect and secure your branch offices, headquarters, data centers, cloud VPCs and SD-WANs using the Cloudflare network.

Magic Transit

Protect your networks, data centers and multi-cloud infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

Magic Firewall

Enforce consistent network security policies across your entire WAN, without backhauling traffic or creating choke points.

Network Interconnect

Improve network performance and security by connecting your network infrastructure directly to the Cloudflare network at over 1,600 locations.

Argo Smart Routing

Supercharge your network performance and improve reliability using dynamic traffic intelligence from the Cloudflare network.

Spectrum (TCP / UDP)

Protect any TCP or UDP applications against DDoS threats and improve performance.

“Our network team is excited by Magic WAN. Cloudflare has built a global network-as-a-service platform that will help network teams manage complex edge and multi-cloud environments much more efficiently. Operating a single global WAN with built-in security and fast routing functionality — regardless of the HQ, data center, branch office, or end user location — is a game-changer in WAN technology.”
Sander Petersson
Head of Infrastructure