How to Stop Business Email Compromise Threats

Get valuable insights into the BEC landscape and learn advanced techniques for fighting financial phishing fraud

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While staggering ransomware demands tend to hog the headlines, Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most financially damaging types of cybercrime according to the FBI, and has resulted in more than $43 billion in reported losses.
Organizations tend to underestimate the severity of BEC attacks. This is due in part to most companies failing to identify BEC incidents, which can come from trusted but compromised business partners.
BEC attacks are difficult for traditional email security gateways to identify, and can cost a single organization millions in direct losses. Read this report to stay ahead of the BEC threat curve.
Download this Whitepaper to:
• Understand how BEC attacks work, why they are so successful, and four techniques you can use to stop them.

• Get the BEC “Worst Hits” list and insights into some of the most [in]famous BEC attacks hitting major brands and costing millions in damages.

• Learn the top industry sectors Cloudflare Area 1 saw being targeted for BEC attacks in 2021.

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