Mobile Application Acceleration on Any Connection

Mobile applications have frustrating and inconsistent user experiences due to high latency and network congestion. For mobile app developers, this poor user experience means lower ratings, higher user dissatisfaction and lower conversion rates.

Solving the latency challenges of mobile app development requires an integrated approach going from device to origin. Neumob, together with Cloudflare, optimizes the entire network path for mobile application users around the world to ensure improved performance and reduced application errors.

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Improved Performance

Neumob improves in-app performance by 30%-300% using a custom protocol combined with Cloudflare’s global network of 118 data centers.


Reduced Errors

Reduce network errors up to 90%, by intelligently routing around network congestion and latency when connecting to the nearest Cloudflare data center.

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Higher Conversions

Improved performance and reduced errors lead to higher conversions for application owners. Developers with users in areas having slow or intermittent connections experience even greater improvements.

Key Capabilities

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    End-to-End Acceleration
    From the mobile last mile to the application origin, Neumob and Cloudflare accelerate traffic along the fastest and least congested route at each network hop.
  • Custom Protocol
    A custom UDP based protocol, combined with individual profiles optimized for varying networks, carriers, and countries, provides both improved and consistent network performance.
  • Mobile First
    Built with developers in mind, the mobile SDK makes network optimization simple, by only requiring minimal changes to underlying code.
  • Accelerates Every Network Call
    Neumob works seamlessly to improve performance for both 1st and 3rd party network calls. Waiting for support from external libraries or dependencies is not necessary.

Mobile Application Acceleration on Any Connection

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