The internet is changing - make sure your applications don’t get left behind.

Stronger, Better, Faster: Solving the Performance Challenges of the Modern Web

In this video panel, we explore how the building blocks of the modern web affect real-world page loading, and what developers and sysadmins can do to make sure that their applications and domains deliver minimal load times for maximum user satisfaction. We’ll hear from Cloudflare’s web performance leader Patrick Meenan and performance engineer Kornel Lesinski about:

  • The foundational elements of the web, and how they impact web performance and site speed
  • The common mistakes that slow down pages, and how you can avoid them
  • New web standards, and how to prepare your domains for them
  • How cloud infrastructure models are affecting page performance across the web
  • A technical overview of HTTP/2 prioritization and JavaScript improvements, and how they will improve page load times
  • The advanced technologies that will shape the future of the web in years to come
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Patrick Meenan

Software Engineer



Kornel Lesinski

Performance Engineer