Support faster innovation across your organization

Going Beyond the Cloud to Modernize Your Banking Infrastructure

長さ: 45 minutes

As banking firms evolve their business models to fight obsoletion and stay competitive in a rapidly changing space - digital transformation initiatives are on everyone's priority list. According to Forrester (source: The Path To Digital Transformation In High Speed Financial Services, December 2016) financial services firms see product and service innovation and short-term time-to-market as key tools when it comes to increasing revenue.

While the cloud can facilitate rapid application development, the migration can be daunting, not least when it comes to addressing security concerns around public facing traffic. Banks need solutions that are both cloud and vendor agnostic and can protect any origin, regardless of location and without any downtime cutover.

Watch this webinar on digital transformation in banking and how Cloudflare can help. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Common challenges banks are facing when migrating to the cloud
  • How to integrate your existing on-premise infrastructure alongside public facing workloads
  • Why global load balancers are an essential part of any multi-cloud strategy
  • What banks can do to support faster innovation across your organization
  • What banks should be aware of regarding compliance and monitoring

Colin Murray

Solutions Engineer



Derek Yee

Director of Product Marketing