India Solution Clinic - Fight Bot Attacks

India Solution Clinic - Fight Bot Attacks

長さ: 45mins

A brand new concept coming to you. Just like how you'd visit a doctor when you're feeling under the weather to get help, we have our very own Cloudflare Solution experts run this interactive 'Solution Clinic to help provide some relief with their insights. We'll be taking your burning questions about a topic of interest and provide tips on managing them.

This session, we will focus on the hot topic of Bots Attacks!

Hosted by Anand Guruprasad, Solution Engineer Manager & Arijit Ghatak, Business Development Lead, they will be deep diving in all things about Bots! From the latest Bot attacks trending in India to newest updates to Cloudflare Bot Management Solution.


Anand Guruprasad

Solutions Engineer Manager



Arijit Ghatak

Business Development Lead