Cloudflare Access for Tanium Users

Secure and verify every network connection

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Get the most out of your Tanium deployment and provide another layer of security to your workforce and applications. When you integrate Cloudflare Access with Tanium Vulnerability and Configuration Management you ensure every device and application is safe and secure.

With an ever growing remote workforce, now is the time to make certain every critical application, hosted in the datacenter or in the cloud, is protected from endpoint security threats.

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Understand how Cloudflare Access works with Tanium

Read how Cloudflare Access was created and how, when combined with Tanium, it allows administrators to build rules that require users connecting to applications to authenticate with SSO while using a device managed by Tanium.

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Authenticate users on Cloudflare’s network

Add the Tanium device posture signal to a Cloudflare Access policy to make sure every connection to corporate apps is verified for user and device trust. When a user logs in to an application protected by Access, Access first verifies that the device is managed by Tanium, then checks policies from your corporate Identity Provider (IdP) to verify the user can access the corporate application. Every connection to your corporate application gets an additional layer of identity assurance, and users avoid having to fire up a VPN to get connected.

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Start now

Secure access to your corporate applications without a VPN. Getting started with Access takes minutes. With Teams Free, your first 50 users are free.

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