Enable device-aware ZTNA policies with Ivanti and Cloudflare

Ivanti makes the Everywhere Workplace possible. In the Everywhere Workplace, employees use myriad devices to access IT applications and data over various networks to stay productive as they work from anywhere. The Ivanti Neurons automation platform connects the company’s industry-leading unified endpoint management, zero trust security, and enterprise service management solutions, providing a unified IT platform that enables devices to self-heal and self-secure and empowers users to self-service. Over 40,000 customers, including 96 of the Fortune 100, have chosen Ivanti to discover, manage, secure, and service their IT assets from cloud to edge, and deliver excellent end-user experiences for employees, wherever and however they work.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare and Ivanti are working together to ensure a rapid, secure, and seamless setup of device-aware ZTNA policies. With Ivanti and Cloudflare, connecting to corporate resources is faster, safer, and more seamless for end users. Through this partnership with Ivanti, Cloudflare can onboard user devices onto a Zero Trust architecture, allowing them to leverage both private routing and device posture. Moreover, admins can control how internal domain resolution and IP traffic is routed and split tunneled, such that it will not affect any connectivity and even interoperate with existing VPN clients.

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Case Study

Ivanti Case Study

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