NodecraftはBandwidth Allianceのクラウドプロバイダーに切り替えることでコストを大幅に削減



Nodecraftは、MinecraftARK: Survival EvolvedCounter-Strikeのようなヒットゲームのために、ユーザーが各自のゲームサーバーを簡単にセットアップする方法を提供します。子どものために家族用のMinecraftサーバーが欲しい親から、戦術を一緒に練習するゲーム内のクランメンバーまで、Nodecraftは、ユーザーが求める体験を簡単に作り出せるようにします。


Until recently, Nodecraft stored customers’ server instances on Amazon AWS’s S3.As Nodecraft’s popularity increased, however, its server bills were growing at an uncomfortable rate. AWS was charging Nodecraft not just for the storage space it was using, but also for so-called ‘egress’ fees, charging Nodecraft for transferring that stored data to customers.

As Nodecraft co-founder and CTO James Ross puts it, “Not only were we paying high egress fees, but S3’s pricing model lacked transparency. It was a nightmare trying to manage the at times 30 or more different variables impacting our bill.”

Bandwidth Allianceに参加。

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Launched in Fall 2018, the Bandwidth Alliance is an initiative started by Cloudflare in tandem with over a dozen leading cloud providers to make the Internet fairer and data more portable. In short, partners in the Bandwidth Alliance have agreed to waive egress fees for transfers between other partner networks — either in their entirety or at a steep discount.

Nodecraft chose to shift its storage to Bandwidth Alliance member Backblaze. As a result, Nodecraft completely eliminated the egress fees it was paying — representing huge savings in the long run - and additionally benefited from the lower costs of Backblaze’s innovative, pay-as-you-go B2 cloud storage service compared with AWS’s competing service.

“We saved 85% on our monthly data storage expenses thanks to the Bandwidth Alliance,” said Ross, “with significant savings on storage fees on top of no longer paying egress charges.”

How does that work? Nodecraft stores its data on Backblaze’s B2 Storage and delivers that content to customers via Cloudflare’s network, which has over 200 points of presence around the world. Because Backblaze and Cloudflare are both members of the Bandwidth Alliance, there is no charge to transfer data between them. And those savings are passed on to Nodecraft.

Nodecraft reinvested these savings into further growing its business. “We hired an additional developer, and can now afford to retain customers’ game data for longer periods, which has increased our customer satisfaction.”

“The cost savings of the Bandwidth Alliance can be huge,” according to Ross. Especially if your cloud storage is with a provider who is charging you more than you may realize for your egress. We now have the peace of mind of not having to worry about high and unpredictable fees.”

Bandwidth Allianceのメリットに加えて、NodecraftはCloudflareのネットワークを多くの方法で利用しています。DDoS対策からパフォーマンスを高めるArgo Smart Routingまで、ほとんどすべてのことに利用しているとRoss氏は言います。

To learn more about the Bandwidth Alliance and how you can start saving - visit our overview here.

NodecraftはBandwidth Allianceのクラウドプロバイダーに切り替えることでコストを大幅に削減
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NodecraftはBandwidth Allianceを使用することでデータ転送コストの大幅な削減を実現

あるストレージプロバイダーから別のプロバイダーへのデータの移動を検討していたとき、Bandwidth Alliance参加企業のサービスならばと、悩むことなく決めました。クラウドサービスを探している、特にトラフィック量の多い企業にとっては理にかなった選択だと思います。

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