Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern secures sensitive customer information and improves site performance with Cloudflare. Touch of Modern is a curated commerce destination for the modern man. “We discover the most interesting products in the world,” explained Steven Ou, CTO of Touch of Modern, “and make them available to you at unbeatable prices.”

Touch of Modern has served over one million orders and was recently acknowledged as one of the fastest growing private companies of 2016.

Touch of Modern’s Challenge: Protecting Sensitive Data

As Touch of Modern grew it garnered more and more attention. However, as common with a growing ecommerce companies, the more customers Touch of Modern had, the more valuable the sensitive payment and customer information that they store becomes to the likes of malicious agents. “We started to get targeted by hackers trying to breach our site and access account information,” Ou related. “We save customer credit cards for reuse, which provides a more convenient shopping experience, but if a customer account got breached, it could result in unauthorized credit card charges, which would be a nightmare for both us and our customers.”

Touch of Modern’s Solution: A Security Provider with Built-in Speed

In looking for a security provider, Touch of Modern found that Cloudflare’s security suite offered the powerful security tools they needed with a high performing CDN (Content Delivery Network) at an unmatched price point. “The combined cost of having security and CDN functionality from Cloudflare was more economical that just using the traditional CDN we previously had,” Ou noted. “Cloudflare helps keep us online, provides a faster site experience to our end users, and protects our customers sensitive information.”

Touch of Modern employs Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation and WAF (Web Application Firewall) to keep the site up and protected from attack as well as filter out malicious requests and prevent exfiltration of sensitive data. Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation has protected against some of the largest attacks ever launched on the Internet, so Touch of Modern is safely protected from volumetric attacks. Likewise, Cloudflare’s WAF leverages the intelligence from the 25+ million Internet properties on the network, providing Touch of Modern with safety from even the latest known vulnerabilities and exploits.

Additionally, by combining the performance benefits of Cloudflare’s CDN and Argo Smart Routing, Touch of Modern’s site is dramatically faster for their end users. “We turned Argo Smart Routing on and saw an immediate 27% speed improvement,” Ou explained. “Amazon says that every 100ms latency improvement leads to a 1% increase in conversion. With that logic, I estimate Argo provides us with a 5% bump in conversion.”

Touch of Modern
Key Results

Security suite protects sensitive customer information

Estimated 5% increase in conversion through Argo Smart Routing speed improvements

Cloudflare helps keep us online, provides a faster site experience to our end users, and protects our customers sensitive information.

Steven Ou