Sin Embargo’s Challenge: Delivering the truth, when powerful actors don’t want it known.

Sin Embargo:

Sin Embargo is a digital newspaper serving readers investigative journalism throughout Mexico. Ranking in Mexico’s top 300 most visited websites, Sin Embargo has grown to serve millions of readers in just six years of existence.

When Sin Embargo broke a news story around the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico they were met with a series of attacks against their journalists and website. Not only was Content Director, Alejandro Páez Varela, personally threatened over social media, but the Sin Embargo site was also knocked offline by a DDoS attack. Without the ability to serve news on their site Sin Embargo couldn’t inform readers about events like the missing students, allowing corruption and malicious action to continue unaudited.”

Project Galileo’s Helping Hand

Varela explained that “the attacks led us to the Committee for Protecting Journalism, a Project Galileo partner, who ultimately sponsored our protection. Now Project Galileo not only protects our site keeping it online, but also makes our site faster and more efficient.”

Project Galileo has since lead to Sin Embargo experiencing zero downtime, keeping their site online informing and empowering the readers they serve.

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