BullyingCanada, founded December 2006, was the first youth-created anti-bullying charity in Canada—it has since become recognized as a world leader. The organization works to provide direct services to youths and their families to help them resolve bullying situations. Individual school administrations, school boards, and other local entities rely on BullyingCanada for resources, workshops, and school assemblies.

The most important aspect of BullyingCanada’s work is direct contact with those in need of support. This may take the form of emails, online chat, phone calls, or SMS-based text messaging. BullyingCanada is soon to expand into the United States, bringing its considerable experience to help millions more.

One family that worked with BullyingCanada recently said, “I honestly don’t know how our family would have made it through these incredibly difficult situations without the tremendous help and support of BullyingCanada. I strongly recommend, in any situation where one is faced with the bullying of a child or youth—it is imperative to seek help very early on from this life-saving resource, BullyingCanada.”

BullyingCanada x Project Galileo

BullyingCanada likens their website to a public library—it’s open, free, available to all, and full of information. But this accessibility comes at a price: it is an all too tempting target for Internet vandalism.

“There are many reports of incidents involving the tracking and arrests of homosexuals through online platforms,” noted Sultan. “BullyingCanada reached out to Project Galileo in the Autumn of 2018. They were using an uptime monitor to track the availability of their website, and wanted to address recurring instances of downtime. In many cases, this downtime was the result of botnet attacks that took down the BullyingCanada site entirely.

The registered charity was quickly approved to become a member of Project Galileo. Since moving to Cloudflare, BullyingCanada has much less to worry about—Cloudflare’s security suite protects against a broad spectrum of online threats, including malicious bots. As an added benefit, the organization’s website has seen marked performance improvements.

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