Switch to Cloudflare's DNS Infrastructure

Get a free year of the most advanced DNS and DNSSEC infrastructure, plus secure registrar.

By switching to Cloudflare's managed DNS services today, your web property will benefit from:

  • Trusted DNS Services
    Cloudflare is the largest managed DNS provider in the world, serving 34.8% of managed DNS queries around the globe (data from w3cook.com).
  • Faster DNS Performance
    With an average 10.45ms query speed, Cloudflare has the fastest performance of any managed DNS provider (data from DNSPerf.com)
    By the end of 2015, Cloudflare will be the largest DNSSEC provider in the world, supporting millions of active zones. DNSSEC ensures the authenticity of DNS responses, preventing forgeries by man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Secure Registrar
    Cloudflare Registrar eliminates the risk of domain hijacking by protecting changes to your DNS configuration using Cloudflare's robust security protocols.

This offering is normally only available to Cloudflare enterprise customers, but by signing up today, you'll receive a full year of these services at no cost.

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