CoinGecko offers the latest cryptocurrency information with Cloudflare ensuring speed and availability.


Launched in 2014 and based in Singapore & Malaysia, CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data analytics website. “We provide a 360-degree overview of cryptocurrencies such as market data, developer activity, community strength, and public interest to both traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts,” related TM Lee, Co-Founder of CoinGecko. At its peak, CoinGecko sees over 100 million pageviews per month with traffic from around the world including the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, and Russia.

CoinGecko’s Challenge: Maintaining Performance Through Rapid, Global Scale In the finance world the speed of information can determine significant gains or losses. CoinGecko’s platform needs to be as fast as possible to best serve its users. Unfortunately, maintaining performance is difficult with a rapidly growing user base and a globally scaling audience. CoinGecko was in search of a performance partner that would ease the burden of growth and offer the global scale they needed to serve users from around the world.

CoinGecko’s Solution: A Global Performance & Security Network “We’ve used Cloudflare since our inception,” Lee explained. “The free plan fit well with our bootstrap approach, and now we’ve been able to upgrade our plans as it suits our business. The combination of Cloudflare’s CDN and Argo Smart Routing provide a dramatic performance boost for our application and we enjoy the peace of mind we get knowing our site won’t get knocked offline by a DDoS attack because of Cloudflare’s protection.”


With Argo we see an average response time improvement of over 66%, with some regions seeing improvement of almost 80%. This is critical to offering our global users a good experience using our site. ”

Lee concluded, “Cloudflare allows us to easily scale our website, while maintaining a small engineering team and lean resources under the hood.”

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“Cloudflare helps us to speed up our website for global users while keeping our underlying infrastructure lean and simple.”

TM Lee