Apps make installing web apps fast, safe and one-click simple. Integrating additional services into your website can improve your visitors' experience, enhance your business, and solve real problems. With apps, integration is a breeze, regardless of your software platform.

Click once, deploy everywhere.

Apps can be installed across all content management systems (CMS) and products that you use to run your site with one click.

CloudFlare apps include support app analytics app and security

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Why use apps?

Great partners

CloudFlare works with leading web application providers and independent developers to create a marketplace where apps can be installed with ease and confidence.

No code changes

At your request, apps can insert JavaScript in the right place, create DNS records to “brand” outside services via domain aliasing, and other technical changes that make integration challenging. If you’re ever unhappy, you can turn apps off as quickly as you turned them on without worrying you forgot to undo some code.

Any platform or application

Apps work with any content management system (CMS) or software application that speaks HTML. In fact, apps are especially useful for those sites which have multiple applications running for different website functionality. With CloudFlare, you make changes in one place to cover your main site, your blog, support forums, microsite, wiki, or any other service. This is good for ensuring an app like Google Analytics is installed on all the pages of your site.

Limit security risks

CloudFlare provides protection for your website. We don’t lower that security bar with apps. We review each service for security implications, and make sure our partners are top notch. If a vulnerability in an app is discovered we can patch it automatically or disable it until it is resolved.

Top notch performance

CloudFlare checks the performance of any integrated pieces from outside services installed via apps. We position the application code where it won’t affect performance. Also, we offer graceful degradation, so if the app’s servers are unavailable, your site is not affected. In many cases, CloudFlare hosts app resources on its global content delivery network (CDN), supercharging their delivery.

Automatic updates

To add functionality, services sometimes need to update their code. When you’re using apps, these updates are handled for you automatically, so you’re always benefiting from the most current version of the service you’ve subscribed to, with full features.

No conflicts

Too many outside services at once can cause problems for one or more of the services. For the apps distributed by CloudFlare, we remove potential conflicts between these services, or keep you from installing two apps that can’t work together.

Consolidated billing

For services that charge the site owner, all billing is consolidated in your CloudFlare account. Enter your payment information once, and future purchases are simply added to your CloudFlare bill, with an invoice breakdown by service.

Earn money from your website

Apps includes free services, for-fee services, and services that earn money for website owners. Simple integration of affiliate links, advertising services and more are available as apps. Try different revenue-generating apps, see which ones make you money, and easily turn off any that don’t.

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