Cloudflare Seattle Customer Meetup

Get ready to dive into Cloudflare Workers: a serverless platform for running code at Cloudflare’s network edge. Our guest speaker, Devin Ellis, will share how Moz uses Workers to reduce their time to first byte 30-70% by caching dynamic content at the edge.

Kristian Freeman, Developer Advocate at Cloudflare, and Kirk Schwenkler, Solutions Engineer Lead at Cloudflare, will take you through a live demo to:

  • Walk through the new features of the Workers platform
  • Share how to develop applications using our new command-line tool
  • Publish Workers live with the new release of subdomains

When: Tuesday, June 25th, 5 - 8:30PM PT
Where: WeWork Downtown Seattle, 107 Spring Street
- 5:00pm - Check In
- 5:30pm - Live Demo and Tutorial
- 6:30pm - Happy Hour and Hors d'oeuvres

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Devin Ellis
Software Engineering Manager

Kristian Freeman
Developer Advocate

Kirk Schwenkler
Solutions Engineering Lead


WeWork Downtown Seattle
107 Spring Street