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No trade-offs: Building secure, fast, and reliable networks

No trade-offs: Building secure, fast, and reliable networks

Duración: 45 Minutes

While applications, storage, and compute have shifted to the cloud, networking continues to be a combination of on-prem and cloud. Companies are frequently forced to buy on-prem “band-aid” network perimeter boxes, which often fail to address the Internet’s fundamental needs for security, performance, and reliability. Band-aid boxes are expensive: there’s the cost of deploying specialized hardware and the headcount expense related to the people managing these solutions.

What’s the solution? A global cloud platform that delivers security, performance, and reliability across on-prem, public cloud, hybrid environments. Virtual network functions that deploy on-the-fly in the cloud and help companies move from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model—giving organizations more flexibility with network architecture.

Join this webinar, hosted by Cloudflare's CTO John Graham-Cumming, to learn how this soution will lower TCO and provide easier deployment and management of network services, all without compromising security, performance, or reliability.


John Graham-Cumming