Bandwidth Alliance | DATA SPACE

"Open, affordable and free internet is what we strive for and what we give to our clients. Everyone and every company should have access to it. We are thrilled that the values shared by the Bandwidth Alliance can also be our values."
Marcin Kowalski
Senior Product Manager


We build services based on many environments, using multi-cloud solutions to run client software. Therefore, we need reliable and affordable communication with a global reach. For this reason, initiatives like the Bandwidth Alliance are important to us. Together with the Bandwidth Alliance, we want to create a world based on the freedom and ease of information transfer.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

From now on, we guarantee all shared customers free data transmission.


Data Space is the leading Polish dedicated server and bare-metal private and hybrid cloud provider. Our mission is to be the top choice for businesses that need to be online no matter what, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our server infrastructure, virtualization and network allow us to offer a platform built using the most advanced IT infrastructure solutions.