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Protect your offices and teams from malware with Cloudflare for Teams

It’s 9AM... Do you know what’s happening on your network?

Duración: 34:40

If you manage a corporate network, you’re responsible for protecting users from risky and malicious content online. Doing that well requires insight into the requests on your network, and the power to block risky content before it impacts your users. Legacy solutions have addressed this challenge by forcing the Internet through hardware onsite.

Cloudflare has a better way. The all-new Cloudflare Gateway (part of the Cloudflare for Teams family), provides secure, intelligent DNS powered by the world’s fastest public DNS resolver. With Gateway, you can visualize your Internet traffic in one place. And with 100+ security and content filters at your fingertips, you can apply comprehensive Internet intelligence to protect global office networks in a matter of minutes.

Join Irtefa, Product Manager for Cloudflare Gateway and AJ Gerstenhaber, Go to Market for Cloudflare for Teams, to discover a new way to protect your offices and teams from malware - no legacy firewalls required.

Sam Rhea

Sam Rhea

Product Manager



AJ Gerstenhaber

Go to Market for Cloudflare for Teams


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