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Learn about about cloud storage, egress fees, and DDoS protection for gaming companies

Cloud-Jitsu: Migrating 23TB from AWS S3 to Backblaze B2 in 7 hours

Duración: 30:43

Almost every organization uses cloud storage as part of its business data workflow, or backup and archive strategy. Getting to the next level - choosing the most efficient mix of cloud storage, bandwidth services, and content delivery services can be the key to unlocking dramatic savings for your business while providing better service to your customers.

Nodecraft, a cloud platform for multiplayer online gaming servers was already delivering their service in the cloud. In November of 2018, the company realized they could dramatically reduce their costs if they re-evaluated their cloud strategy. By moving 23TB from AWS S3 to Backblaze B2 in just 7 hours, Nodecraft today pays only 1/4th of what they did before for the same class of cloud storage.

In this webinar, learn how Nodecraft leveraged Backblaze’s storage and Cloudflare's rendering expansive network to excel in the already competitive field of game server hosting. Join Nodecraft, Cloudflare and Backblaze in a conversation on cloud storage, egress fees, and DDoS protection for gaming companies.


James Ross

Co-Founder & CTO



Skip Levens

Director of Product Marketing



Jess Bailey

Partner Manager


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