ForestNation sells branded, easily plantable tree kits to companies and nonprofits looking to promote themselves and a greener earth. Balancing social and commercial goals equally, ForestNation commits to planting a matching tree in a developing country for every tree kit that they sell.

Each ForestNation tree kit comes with a unique code, which tree planters can use to register and share their tree online for a more in-depth, social experience. “They can tell us where they will plant their tree, uploads photos, and share growing experiences. Via their tree post they can also see where we plant their matching trees and information about the company or nonprofit that gave them their tree kit,” explained Andrew Pothecary, CEO and Founder of ForestNation.

“We’re going to plant billions of trees to create a peaceful world rich in resources and beauty for everyone,” noted Pothecary. “We believe that if we can make successful business out of doing good then lots more good things will come about.”

ForestNation’s Challenge: Taking Trees Online with Speed

“Our tree kits are a physical offline product with a deeply integrated online element and community,” explained Pothecary. To ensure the best experience for users in this integrated online community, ForestNation is always looks to optimize and enhance their platform. After noting consumer’s vast preference for speed, ForestNation set out to find tools and services that could make their site and online community faster for their users. Notably, they were searching for a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to decrease the load time of their site and help save on bandwidth costs, while also hoping to find a managed DNS (Domain Name System) provider that could bring more reliability to their website.

ForestNation’s Solution: A Greener Environment with a Better Internet

ForestNation found Cloudflare by searching for CDN and DNS providers and immediately tested out the Free plan to see what kind of performance and reliability gains they could enjoy. After a successful run, ForestNation permanently switched their nameservers to Cloudflare. “Cloudflare is essential to keeping our online community reliable, secure and fast,” noted Pothecary.

Recently, ForestNation also opted in to Cloudflare’s Argo Smart Routing Early Access program and immediately saw their site enjoy a 23% performance boost. Argo Smart Routing is a new service from Cloudflare, where information about the health and speed of the pathways of the Internet from Cloudflare’s massive network is used to route traffic only across the most optimal paths available. “In addition to the performance boost we get with the CDN, being able to make our site over 20% faster just by turning on Argo was pretty magical,” delighted Pothecary.

You can learn more about ForestNation and #pledgetoplant by visiting their website.

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23% faster website with Argo Smart Routing

Andrew Pothecary

Cloudflare is essential to keeping our online community reliable, secure and fast.

Andrew Pothecary
CEO of ForestNation