Close your security gaps and protect 100% of your traffic

Close your security gaps and protect 100% of your traffic

The Gaming & Gambling industry has been the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks in recent years, ranging from automated bots carrying out credential stuffing and intellectual property scraping to Layer 3 DDoS attacks, which can result in reduced network speed and performance, and in some cases loss of business when such incidents occur.

Watch this on demand webinar with Cloudflare security experts Stephane Nouvellon, Principal Solutions Engineer and Philip Björkman, Strategic Vertical Account Executive (EMEA Gaming & Gambling) to learn about:

  • How you can protect your business and improve the performance and reliability of your infrastructure, globally
  • Solutions to secure your organization's online traffic (all OSI layers) against bots and cyber attacks whilst improving the performance of your applications.
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Stephane Nouvellon

Solutions Engineer


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Philip Björkman

Strategic Vertical Account Executive, EMEA Gaming & Gambling