Comparing Cloudflare vs. Zscaler

Which better fuels transformation?

Don’t lock yourself out of your own future. Cloudflare helps you move quickly and nimbly as the future of networking evolves.

Simple deployment, network resiliency, and quick innovation provide a stronger foundation for true transformation of networking, security, and applications.

Pick an architecture designed for the future of networking

When choosing Cloudflare over Zscaler, you will benefit from a network built to run every edge service on every server — globally. We bring the entire network to the cloud and enable Zero Trust with single-pass inspection, quickly connecting users, devices, workloads, offices, clouds, data centers, and resources, wherever they are located. It is easy to deploy and run, so you can take control and start modernizing your environment at your desired pace, without needing an infinite IT budget, a parade of expensive POCs, and multiple complex deployments to get there.

Fast-track your journey to secure, any-to-any connectivity

Illustration of Cloudflare's journey to secure connectivity
Is the deployment simple enough?

While Zero Trust principles remain the same across providers, implementation and ROI vary widely. Cloudflare uniformly connects and secures end-to-end using one network and control plane to provide a better experience for both your IT practitioners and end users.

  • Who would pick siloed services as a first choice? No one. That is why all Cloudflare on-ramps and edge services actually work together.
  • Don’t wait weeks on white-glove support to start adoption. Our services platform is composable, so in just minutes and hours you are solving real use cases.
  • Avoid bloated virtual machine deployment logistics. Speed setup time with software-only connectors and one-time integrations.
Illustration of Cloudflare's journey to secure connectivity

Only a better Internet can consistently protect your business

Illustration of map marked with locations
Is the network resilient enough?

Today, roughly 20% of all websites are routed through the Cloudflare network — using the same proxies that deliver Zero Trust for your business. Our end-to-end traffic automation ensures reliable and scalable network connectivity with consistent protection from any location.

  • Security should not feel like a puzzle. Every edge service is built to run in every network location, available to every customer.
  • We feature a 100% uptime SLA for paid plans that only an Anycast architecture can deliver. Other vendors cannot just add this to their platform later.
  • Direct private interconnects keep your traffic away from the public Internet. This should be non-negotiable, but Zscaler does not offer it.
Illustration of map marked with locations

Relentlessly stay ahead of modern business needs to secure your future

Diagram of IPv6 connections protected by Cloudflare but not Zscaler
Is the pace of innovation fast enough?

Our future-proof architecture helps us build and ship very quickly — something we have established a solid reputation around. Check out our blog for proof! Pick a customer-led, agile provider with a lightning-fast rate of change to innovate new networking, security, and application capabilities.

  • We have one composable, developer-friendly cloud platform — not multiple fragmented clouds — that is extensible with any future edge service.
  • We achieve rapid, native adoption of new Internet and security standards.
  • Our history of technical prowess and growth speaks for itself, and our foundation provides extreme optionality.
Diagram of IPv6 connections protected by Cloudflare but not Zscaler

Adopt Zero Trust & SASE at your own pace

Why wait and pay to try Zscaler when you can start our free plan in minutes?