Cloudflare Email Routing

Easily create addresses and route emails for free

Create custom email addresses for your domain. Add an optional catch-all for any address that has not been configured. Route emails to your preferred inbox. All without ever exposing your primary email address.

Why Email Routing?

Individual users: Create custom addresses to use for your different needs, so that you're not sharing your private email with every newsletter and business.

Families: If you have a domain for your family, or want to create one through Cloudflare Registrar, you can then create custom addresses for each family member or for specific purposes such as a custom address for your household bills.

Businesses: Businesses want to have different email addresses for different types of inquiries, such as sales and support, but often find it cumbersome to control who receives these emails. And as the business evolves, matters that were handled by the owner often need to be handed off to other people. But configuring mailboxes and aliases quickly becomes complicated.

Email Routing from Cloudflare is the most straightforward way to create any number of email addresses that are redirected to the mailbox you, your family, or your team are already using.

Private by design

Email Routing is completely private. Cloudflare will not store or access the content of the emails routed to your inbox.

Free and easy to configure

Creating custom addresses and forwarding messages to your preferred mailbox is free. DNS records are created automatically and protected from accidental changes to ensure Email Routing doesn’t break.

Better anti-spam

We use advanced phishing detection to identify spam and prevent it from being forwarded.

Advanced analytics

Access insights on the number of emails that were sent to you, whether they were forwarded or dropped, and delivery success at your destination mailbox.

The Cloudflare network

Email Routing leverages the Cloudflare network, which spans more than 285 cities in over 100 countries.

Process emails programmatically

Route to Cloudflare Workers to program any logic you can dream of for processing your emails.


Introducing Cloudflare Email Routing

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Migrating to Cloudflare Email Routing

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Email Routing open beta

Cloudflare Email Routing is available for every zone in every Cloudflare account. Learn how to get started.

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Developer documentation

Find detailed information about and instructions for Cloudflare Email Routing.

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