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February 17: "Developers...Welcome to the Supercloud" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's VP of Product Management - Workers, Aly Cabral
  • Today’s developers are focused on executing high-performing code and process efficiencies. Join Aly Cabral, VP of Product Management focusing on Workers, for a discussion on the future of building applications on the Supercloud. Learn about the now and future of coding applications to scale to any size and provide the best performance for building web applications.
March 1: "How Can Submarine Cable Damage Impact Your Business?" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's Head of Data Insight, David Belson
  • As a site or application owner, you can build redundancy and resiliency plans for those infrastructure components that are within your control. However, there is a key piece of Internet infrastructure that has the potential to cause significant problems if it fails. It is estimated that upwards of 95% of intercontinental Internet traffic is carried over the vast web of submarine cables. When these cables get damaged, whether by natural disaster (earthquake), accident (errant anchor), or sabotage, the impact on Internet connectivity can be significant, affecting multiple networks and/or countries.
  • Join us as we go behind the scenes to show you what Cloudflare observed when submarine cable system outages impacted Internet traffic, so you can understand what we see and how to think about our findings in the context of your business.
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