Welcome to Birthday Week 2022

2022 marks Cloudflare’s 12th birthday, and each day this week we will announce new products and host fascinating discussions with guests including product experts, customers, and industry peers.

Cloudflare TV

CloudflareTV- Welcome to Birthday Week

Monday September 26 7:30 AM PT

John Graham-Cumming & Usman Muzaffar

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CloudflareTV- SIM Brings Zero Trust to Mobile Devices

Monday September 26 8:00 AM PT

Matt Silverlock, James Allworth & Barry Fisher

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CloudflareTV- Zero Trust + Mobile Operator Program

Monday September 26 9:30 AM PT

Mike Conlow, Matt Silverlock & Barry Fisher

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CloudflareTV- Workers Launchpad + Startup Program

Tuesday September 27 8:00 AM PT

Mia Wang, Dawn Parzych, Jade Wang & Matthew Shimizu

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CloudflareTV- Cloudflare Calls + Go Live in Real Time

Tuesday September 27 9:00 AM PT

Zaid Farooqui , Apoorva Ravikrishnan & Brendan Irvine-Broque

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CloudflareTV- Queues Private Beta + D1 New Features, new bets

Tuesday September 27 10:30 AM PT

Ashcon Partovi, Nevi Shah & Leroy Lasenburg

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CloudflareTV- The Future of Page Rules: putting more power in the hands of users

Tuesday September 27 11:30 AM PT

Matthew Bullock, Sam Marsh, Alex Krivit, Michael Tremante & Babur Khan

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CloudflareTV- Privacy Preserving to Alternative to ReCAPTCHA . AKA Turnstile.

Wednesday September 28 10:30 AM PT

Reid Tatoris & Dan Gould

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CloudflareTV- Magic Network Monitoring Free Version (previously called Flow Based Monitoring)

Wednesday September 28 1:00 PM PT

Christian Draper & Ameet Naik

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CloudflareTV- Privacy Edge

Wednesday September 28 12:30pm PT

Mari Galicer, Matt Silverlock & Lorraine Bellon

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CloudflareTV- Unmetered Rate Limiting

Thursday September 29 6:00AM PT

Michael Tremante, Daniele Molteni & Dan Gould

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CloudflareTV- Making Email Links Safer to Click on (Area 1))

Thursday September 29 7:30 AM PT

Evan Johnson, João Sousa Botto & Tim Obezuk

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CloudflareTV- Defending Against Phishing with Security Keys & Implementing FIDO2

Thursday September 29 10:30 AM PT

David Harnett, Evan Johnson & Michael Keane

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CloudflareTV- RBAC for Every Plan

Thursday September 29 12:00 PM PT

Garrett Galow & Joseph So

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CloudflareTV- Open Sourcing the Workers Runtime

Thursday September 29 1:00 PM PT

Aly Cabral and Stephen O'Grady

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CloudflareTV- Radar 2.0 + Outage Center + Radar Ranks

Friday September 30 7:30 AM PT

João Sousa Botto, Celso Martinho, Stanley Chiang, & David Belson

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CloudflareTV- Gateway + CASB integration

Friday September 30 11:30 AM PT

Alex Dunbrack & Ankur Aggarwal

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CloudflareTV- Fireside Chat: Challenges IT Leaders Face Today

Friday September 30 12:00 PM PT

Rebecca Weekly with guest Roger Isern

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CloudflareTV- Fireside Chat: Why security keys are the safest way to secure the web

Friday September 30 12:30 PM PT

John Graham-Cumming with guest - Andrew Shikiar

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CloudflareTV- This Week in Net

Friday September 30 1:30 PM PT

João Tomé

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CloudflareTV-Introducing post-quantum Cloudflare Tunnel

Monday October 3 7:30 AM PT

Abe Carryl, Bas Westerbaan & Wesley Evans

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CloudflareTV- Defending against future threats: Cloudflare goes post-quantum

Monday October 3 8:30 AM PT

Wesley Evans, Bas Westerbaan & Cefan Rubin and guest John Schanck

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