Zero Trust for everybody: 3 ways to get there fast

Zero Trust for everybody: 3 ways to get there fast

Length: 45 minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of the traditional ‘castle-and-moat’ security model. Remote work has expanded attack surfaces infinitely outwards, and more than ever, organizations need to start from the assumption that their ‘castle’ is already compromised. Zero Trust has emerged as a compelling security framework to address the failures of existing perimeter-based security approaches. It’s aspirational, but not unachievable.

At Cloudflare, we’re making complicated security challenges easier to solve. Since 2018, Cloudflare Access has helped thousands of organizations big and small take their first steps toward Zero Trust.

In this webinar, the Cloudflare team will share our perspective on what the most successful organizations do first on their journey to Zero Trust.

We’ll cover:

  • The Zero Trust framework, and our recommended ZT security model
  • How 3 organizations of differing size and security maturity have implemented Zero Trust access
  • Cloudflare’s Zero Trust implementation and lessons learned
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