BigCommerce + Cloudflare

Bots — both good and bad — account for over 40% of traffic on ecommerce sites worldwide. Unfortunately, malicious automated traffic is getting more sophisticated by the day, taking over browsers and tokens in order to mimic human shoppers and disrupt the end user experience.

The most effective defense against automated traffic is an intelligent detection and mitigation system that predicts attacks before they reach your site.

Cloudflare is partnering with BigCommerce to stop bot attacks and improve web security and performance for customers around the globe.

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Adopting Intelligent Detection and Mitigation

For current BigCommerce customers, here’s what you need to know:

  • Cloudflare's bot management solution is highly effective in stopping bad bots when used with the BigCommerce Platform
  • Users can activate the security benefits of Cloudflare and BigCommerce with our Orange-to-Orange (O2O) plan

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