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Your slow-loading site could be costing you business. User retention, sales conversions, and user experience are all negatively affected when you have a slow site.


of consumers will leave a mobile site that takes longer than 3s to load


is the average loading time for a mobile site


delay of a site can lead to 7% reduction in conversion

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One of the major advantages is the ability to cache dynamic pages for short durations. This allowed us to handle huge amount of traffic during Flash Sales - almost 4x our normal day to day traffic.
Harshad Rotithor,
Software Architect at Carousell
Once we enabled Cloudflare with features such as Rocket Loader, we immediately saw a 1.7 second decrease in page load times across all of our sites.
Austin Davies,
Site Reliability Engineer at ao.com
Thanks to Argo Smart Routing we were able to improve loading times about 31% for 26% of all our properties. Furthermore we saved 76 GB of bandwidth, thanks to Cloudflare’s robust caching capabilities.
Sebastian Wieseler,
Head of IT & Security at MyRepublic

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