DDoS attacks happen, especially if you’re an eCommerce site

Constantly under attack, CJS CD-Keys, an eCommerce site, was quickly losing business. Faced with being forced offline, they came to Cloudflare for help.

It’s no secret that the easiest way ruin someone’s online business is to attack their website and knock it offline. What usually happens is a DDoS attack is launched, flooding a website with illegitimate traffic so that legitimate (customer) traffic cannot access the site. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what was happening to CJS CD-Keys - their site was under constant DDoS attack.

CJS CD-Keys is a leader in game key distribution, selling millions of digital downloads for the latest PC games each year. Their entire business relies on digital downloads from customers who access their website from around the world. When their website is offline, they lose money and their business suffers.

Finding a solution when you’re under attack

“We are constantly under attack,” says the Managing Director of CJS CD-Keys. “Our site is a huge target and we suffer from multiple, large DDoS attacks throughout the year. We were seeing attacks approaching 700,000 packets per second.” At first, each attack CJS was seeing would knock them completely offline, bringing their website down and making their customers very upset. At a loss on what to do, CJS's team began researching options and found Cloudflare. “I gave it a try and was amazed to find that even the Free Plan blocked a lot of the DDoS attacks. For us though, we needed a much more robust DDoS protection plan, so we opted for the Business Plan which offers advanced DDoS attack mitigation.”

by utilizing Cloudflare’s caching

Cloudflare's impact

Cloudflare didn’t just make our site safer and protect it from attacks, they also significantly reduced the load on our servers so they could keep up with visitors’ requests. In fact, Cloudflare cut the number of requests that needed to be handled by our server by nearly half a billion, or about 75% of the total load it would have experienced without Cloudflare. They also saved our site more than 23 Terabytes, 93% of the bandwidth that would have otherwise been used serving the site’s pages.

Cloudflare helped us stay fast and reliable, even under a crushing load, and the effect kept us at the top of the rankings and kept the traffic growing. Cloudflare has done wonders for us this year. It’s amazing how fast the site loads.

318% increase in sales with decrease in DDoS attacks

“Within an hour of turning on the Cloudflare Business Plan, our site was running smoothly - despite being under heavy DDoS attack,” according to CJS. “We watched as the attackers kept trying to bring the site down, but then quickly give up when they realized their efforts were useless thanks to Cloudflare’s protection.”

Not only did Cloudflare keep cjs-cdkeys.com online, CJS started seeing major improvements in their website’s speed. “Cloudflare’s service didn’t just stop the attack, it dramatically improved the speed of our website. Within the first few days we saw a 10x improvement in page load time... Our website performance with and without Cloudflare was just incomparable.”


Attack traffic aimed at CJS.

The improvements didn’t stop there. Because CJS wasn’t suffering downtime due to the attacks, their business flourished. In just one year they saw a 318 percent increase in sales. In March 2012, before they began using Cloudflare, CJS sold 2,838 game downloads. In March 2013, after they began using Cloudflare, they sold 11,879 game downloads.

“The company has grown aside from Cloudflare, but I'm confident Cloudflare has played a huge part in our growth. Without Cloudflare, the DDoS attacks would bring our website offline and kill our sales completely. We couldn't exist without Cloudflare.”

CJS continues to grow. They sell hundreds of games per day and are now a multimillion dollar company. “We couldn’t have grown and been this successful without Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s protection allows me to sleep at night without worry.”

Key Results

318% sales increase

10x improvement in page load time

92.2% improvement in server connection time

Always online, despite multiple DDoS attacks

Without Cloudflare, the DDoS attacks would bring our website offline and kill our sales completely. We couldn't exist without Cloudflare.

Systems Administrator, CJS