Argo Smart Routing

Argo improves performance and reliability by routing traffic across the fastest, most reliable paths on the Internet. Think how Waze analyzes live traffic and sends drivers on the best routes, but for the Internet.
We estimate your domain to enjoy:
Decrease in Latency
Saved over 10,000 requests
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Estimated cost for your domain:
$5.50 per month
(Based off potential pricing of $5 per month and an additional $0.02 per GB of bandwidth after the first 250 GB)

Argo Smart Routing In Action

As our own customer we're able to leverage our web performance and security tools to enhance our own sites. Here's an example of what Argo Smart Routing did for traffic to Larger circles represent data centers that saw more traffic, and greener circles represent more performance benefit delivered by Argo Smart Routing.