Bandwidth Alliance | Tencent Cloud

"Tencent Cloud is committed to serving its global customers with world-class infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. Our partnership with Cloudflare and the Bandwidth Alliance will aid us further in this effort by providing a combined, high-quality cloud and edge network delivery service at no extra egress cost to our customers. The benefits of these two combined services are valuable to many enterprises and especially to our customers in the media, gaming and entertainment sectors."
Davy Wang
Associate General Manager


Tencent is passionate about its mission to improve the quality of life through digital innovation. That’s why we are proud to join the Bandwidth Alliance and enable cost savings for our mutual customers with Cloudflare, furthering our shared goal of helping to build a better internet for all.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

Tencent Cloud will provide 0 egress charges for the traffic flowing over peered connections to Cloudflare.


Tencent Cloud is one of the leading providers of cloud services in China and globally. It is the cloud computing branch of Tencent, Asia’s largest technology company and an industry leader in innovative, digital-based solutions. Tencent’s ecosystem includes some of China’s top social, messaging, mobile payment, gaming, digital literature, music streaming, and video platforms, and serves over a billion users around the world.