Are you getting the results you want on mobile?

Building AMP Experiences that Drive Results

Länge: 45 minutes

Are you getting the results you want on mobile? Mobile is the new benchmark for understanding web performance, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) promises to offer significantly better mobile experiences. Since AMP was first announced in 2015, the industry has responded, with 500+ contributors and over 6 billion AMP pages on the web to date.

Watch this webinar to understand how far AMP has come, and some of its most recent updates to help you increase conversions and viewer engagement.

  • Understanding AMP architecture
  • The evolution of AMP and its support for web packaging
  • How The Johnson Group helped U.S. Xpress productize AMP to drive conversions and increase hires
  • How Cloudflare has built AMP support into its performance and security portfolio
rudy galfi

Rudy Galfi

AMP Product Manager


gabbi fisher

Gabbi Fisher

Systems Engineer


Screen Shot 2019 06 24 at 10

Solomon Moskalenko

Director of Interactive

The Johnson Group

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