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PartsTrader is an online platform where customers will ask for certain parts they need, and then our suppliers compete for bids on those parts. It’s an auction marketplace specifically tailored to the automotive industry. “Before we started, repair shops were still using phones to call suppliers and make deals,” explained Adam Greenlee, Systems Engineering Lead. “Our goal is to become the platform of choice for our market. We’re in the US and New Zealand right now, and we have about 60-70% penetration in New Zealand and about 20% in the US. We want to raise both of those stats!”

PartsTrader’s Challenge: Transitioning from Hardware to Cloud “We’re in the process of migrating from hardware to cloud,” began Greenlee. “Previously, we had an F5 load balancer in front of our infrastructure, that was also running some business logic. We tried to replicate that functionality with our cloud service provider, but we found it inflexible and too restrictive.”

On the security side, PartsTrader was also looking to transition from a hardware to a cloud-based DDoS mitigation provider. A DDoS attack targeting PartsTrader, could make the site slow, unresponsive, or entirely offline costing Parts Trader significant revenue in just an hour of downtime.

PartsTrader’s Solution: Powerful Cloud Services to Ensure Application Availability “We chose Cloudflare because it offered competitive pricing, amazing support, and the flexibility we needed in a solution,” stated Greenlee. “The Load Balancer is powerful, easy-to-use, and seamlessly replaced our old box. On top of that, because the solution is flat-rate, we don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks skyrocketing the cost of the service— which was a concern we held switching from hardware that we owned. We love that we can quickly block malicious traffic that could otherwise result loss of revenue or loss of credibility with our customer.”

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The flexibility and support that Cloudflare provides means the service is a great fit for our business.

Adam Greenlee
Systems Engineer Lead