November 6, 2019 | New York Stock Exchange, NYC, NY

The best place to learn about the next generation of Internet security and performance.

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This invitation-only event will feature lively talks and interviews with Cloudflare’s executive team, sneak peeks at the future of Internet technology, and parallel tracks of hands-on instruction and best practices for securing and accelerating your websites, applications, and APIs.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How can I secure my site without sacrificing performance?
  • What are the latest trends in malicious attacks — and how should I prepare?
  • What site optimizations am I leaving on the table?


Cloudflare’s bleeding-edge serverless platform — Cloudflare Workers — allows you to write and deploy code without the hassle of worrying about underlying infrastructure. Better yet: Workers puts your code at Cloudflare’s network edge, as close to your users as possible.

Learn how to leverage Workers for cost savings, performance acceleration, and flexibility you can’t get anywhere else.

Only at Cloudflare // Connect.


The Internet is built on standards, but many of its stakeholders seem to have forgotten that. Cloudflare has long been a leader in advancing the latest, making it easy to deploy key security-enhancing protocols like DNSSEC.

At Cloudflare // Connect, you’ll hear about recently-released and forthcoming standards — and how to plan for their impact and opportunity for your business.


From Bot Management to WAF Rules and DDoS Mitigation — security is a pillar of Cloudflare’s platform.

Attend Cloudflare // Connect, and familiarize yourself with the tools you need to secure your site (or any Internet-connected device) from the threats of malware, bot attacks, content scraping, and other malicious activity prevalent on the web.


Cloudflare operates the world’s fastest DNS service and is the go-to content delivery network for some of the world’s biggest brands. And that’s just the start.

At Cloudflare // Connect you’ll learn everything you need to ensure your site renders as fast and efficiently as possible, from whatever device a visitor is surfing from.


Ensuring the availability of your Internet properties is just as important as protecting them from malicious requests. Leveraging Cloudflare’s massive edge network means that instead of relying on only a handful of servers, you now have thousands of machines around the world making sure that visitors can reach your content.


Many companies rely on multiple cloud services for their technology stack. Cloudflare is an independent third party in your multi-cloud strategy — capable of centralizing your security and operational needs into a single dashboard.

Learn how to leverage Cloudflare to simplify your multicloud strategy at Cloudflare // Connect.


Michelle Zatlyn

Our event opens with Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder and COO of Cloudflare, as she shares her vision for Cloudflare’s future — and explains why it’s time to leave the convoluted solutions of the past behind.

Usman Muzaffar

Usman Muzaffar is Head of Engineering for Cloudflare, where he leads the development team that is making the internet safer and faster for 20 million internet properties. Before Cloudflare, Usman was co-founder and CTO of Selligy (acquired by Veeva Systems).

Jen Taylor

Cloudflare Head of Product Jen Taylor will share the latest on Cloudflare’s innovations in security and performance, with special attention given to how we turn deeply technical solutions into products you can enable in a single click.


9:15 — 10:00

Registration | Light Breakfast

10:00 — 10:05

Intro Video

10:05 — 10:25

Helping Build a Better Internet

Michelle Zatlyn, COO/Co-Founder, Cloudflare

10:25 — 11:10

Next Generation Security & Performance

Jen Taylor, Head of Product, Cloudflare

11:10 — 11:55

Cloudflare’s Global Cloud Network & Developer Platform

Usman Muzaffar, Head of Engineering, Cloudflare

12:00 — 13:00

Lunch | Demo Booths | Collaboration

Secure and Accelerate Internet Applications

Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare

13:00 — 13:30

Session 1: Secure and Accelerate Internet Applications

Looking Forward to New Standards at Scale

Session 2: Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare

Transforming App DevOps Delivery with Cloudflare

13:30 — 14:00

Session 1: Secure and Accelerate Internet Applications

WAF & Firewall Strategies

Session 2: Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare

Workers.Dev Zoneless Workers

14:00 — 14:30

Session 1: Secure and Accelerate Internet Applications

Optimizing Network & Routing

Session 2: Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare

Serverless Storage Strategies

14:40 — 15:10

Session 1: Secure and Accelerate Internet Applications

Terraform & Control Plane

Session 2: Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare

Actionable Decisions via Insights & Logs

15:20 — 15:50

Session 1: Secure and Accelerate Internet Applications

Corporate Intranet Security (Access, Argo)

Session 2: Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare

WASM and Rust

16:20 — 16:35

Protecting Vulnerable Voices on the Internet

Michelle Zatlyn, COO/Co-Founder, Cloudflare

16:35 — 17:10

Keynote with a Fireside Chat

To be announced

Until 18:30

Cloudflare Hosted Reception


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New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, New York, NY


Cloudflare strives to make its events welcoming environments for everyone, and we’ve selected a venue that shares that aim. The New York Stock Exchange offers accessible toilet facilities on every floor of the venue. If you would like to use a Hearing/Induction Loop, the venue will be glad to provide one at no cost (please let us know ahead of time). Assistance dogs are welcome for anyone with sight, hearing difficulties, epilepsy, diabetes, and other physical mobility challenges (again, prior notice is appreciated).

For other concerns, or if you’d like to double-check that the venue can accommodate your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Please do inform us ahead of time of any severe allergy sensitivities.


How to find the New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange is located at 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005

Accessible via the New York Subway at either the Walls Street Station on either the 4 or the 5. Make sure to bring your Governement Issued ID to access the building.


    The nearest airports is Newark (EWR), La Guardia (LGA) or John F Kennedy (JFK). This offers direct flights from numerous locations across the US and internationally.

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