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Cloudflare Connect 2021
Connect and secure the workplace of the future — available on-demand now
As vaccines roll out globally, companies are finalizing plans and setting dates to bring tech workers back to corporate offices — or not.
Whether your company opts for an all-office, all-remote, or hybrid scenario, the technology required to connect employees to tools must evolve for speed, global performance, and security.
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  • Jerry Perullo, CISO, Intercontinental Exchange | NYSE, in conversation with Cloudflare President, COO & Co-founder Michelle Zatlyn
  • Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-CEO & Co-founder, Atlassian, in conversation with Cloudflare CEO & Co-founder Matthew Prince
  • Keynote presentation by Cloudflare SVP, Chief Product Officer Jen Taylor
  • Tim Ehrhart, Global Team Head of Security Monitoring and Incident Response at Roche, in conversation with John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare
  • Interactive sessions led by Cloudflare product leaders, partners, and some of our amazing customers

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Keynote Sessions

Jerry Perullo

Chief Information Security Officer at Intercontinental Exchange | NYSE

Fireside chat with Michelle Zatlyn, President, COO & Co-founder of Cloudflare

Monday, June 7th

1:00PM PDT / 9:00PM BST

Mike Cannon-Brookes

Co-CEO & Co-founder, Atlassian

Fireside chat with Matthew Prince, CEO & Co-founder of Cloudflare

Monday, June 7th

1:30PM PDT / 9:30PM BST

Jen Taylor

SVP, Chief Product Officer at Cloudflare

Presenting: 5 bold predictions for how leading IT teams will connect and protect the workforce of the future.

Monday, June 7th

2:00PM PDT / 10:00PM BST

Emily Mossburg

Deloitte Global Cyber Leader and US Principal, Deloitte

Managing New Cyber Risks: People, Process and Technology

Monday, June 7th

2:30PM PDT / 10:30PM BST

Tim Ehrhart

Global Team Head of Security Monitoring and Incident Response, Roche

How Roche is adopting Zero Trust principles — Interview with John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare

Tuesday, June 8th

6:30AM PDT / 2:30PM BST

Gustavo Zeidan

Deputy Global CISO, Sage

Security-led Zero Trust Transformation at Sage Software

Tuesday, June 8th

7:30AM PDT / 3:30PM BST

Interactive Q&A

Live Learning Sessions

Cloudflare's Network

Tuesday, June 8th

9:30AM PDT / 5:30PM BST

As you plan the future of your workforce, the network you deploy on matters more than ever. Learn what to look for in a network, and why.

VPN / ZTNA as-a-service

Wednesday, June 9th

9:00AM PDT / 5:00PM BST

Your VPN no longer gets the job done. Let’s give it a new job description and deployment model, with stronger security informed by identity, device and context.

Network security as-a-service

Thursday, June 10th

9:30AM PDT / 5:30PM BST

Evolving your network for remote work opened it up to risks. Discover how delivering network security at the edge - not data centers - can better protect your data.

Browsing as-a-service

Thursday, June 10th

10:30AM PDT / 6:30PM BST

Your team needs better defenses against malware. Let’s confront the bad reputation of Browser Isolation head-on, and overcome its biggest drawbacks.

WAN as-a-service

Friday, June 11th

9:30AM PDT / 5:30PM BST

As employees move back to offices, learn how networking teams will use the Internet - not leased lines and private links - for secure connectivity.

Partner Summits

Americas: June 15th at 12:00PM PDT

APAC: June 15th at 11:00AM SGT

EMEA: June 16th at 3:00PM BST

For Cloudflare Partners only. Learn about our new services practices which enable partners to accelerate their business growth with Cloudflare, while delivering compelling business benefits to their customers.

Available On-Demand from June 8, 2021
12:00AM PDT / 8:00AM BST

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