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Adzerk partners with Cloudflare to deliver Ads at lightning speed.

Key Result
Ads served up to 6 times faster through Cloudflare's Firebolt AMP Ad validation

Adzerk provides a suite of APIs for publishers to build their own ad servers. Rather than using an inflexible out-of-the-box ad server, publishers can use Adzerk’s infrastructure tools to build a bespoke ad server with customized business rules, self-serve dashboards (like Adwords, Facebook, etc), fast server-side ads, and native ads that don’t disrupt the user experience. While it could take years to build an ad server from the ground up, customers can build theirs in just weeks on top of Adzerk.

“Our industry,” Chris Shuptrine, Director of Marketing at Adzerk, explained, “is driven by the need of publishers to monetize their websites; therefore, ad servers are vital. Many, however, find the current solutions (such as DFP) imperfect and would prefer to own their ad stack, and we allow them to do that.”

Adzerk’s Challenge: Accelerating Ad Delivery

As consumers demand fast and fully-responsive content, mobile ads are top of mind for Adzerk. Specifically, Adzerk wanted to enable their customers to serve ads on AMP-enabled pages. AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, technology serves mobile content to users at over double the speed of legacy technology. Shuptrine related, “As an ad server API platform, we wanted our clients to be able to run mobile AMP ads. However, we didn’t yet have the capability to digitally validate and accelerate these ads through AMP.”

Adzerk’s Solution: An Infrastructure Platform Built for Speed and Security

Adzerk partnered with Cloudflare to build out technology that enables publishers to show AMP ads on their sites. For Adzerk that meant leveraging Cloudflare’s Firebolt product. Firebolt now provides validation of AMP ads trafficked through Adzerk’s platform. Firebolt works by having Cloudflare digitally sign and accelerate Adzerk ads, thereby vouching that the ads are compliant with AMP standards and rules and serving them through the high performing technology.


“There’s a lot of synergy between Cloudflare and Adzerk,” noted Shuptrine. “We are both infrastructure platforms for powering the Internet. We’re also both independent players competing against the dominant infrastructure names, notably Amazon and Google. In addition, we both want to make the internet a better place. By enabling our mutual publishers/clients to run faster ads, we not only speed up the mobile web experience, but we also allow for safer, more secure ads.”

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“By enabling our mutual publishers/clients to run faster ads, we not only speed up the mobile web experience, but we also allow for safer, more secure ads.”

-Chris Shuptrine Director of Marketing