Welcome to Birthday Week 2022

2022 marks Cloudflare’s 12th birthday, and each day this week we will announce new products and host fascinating discussions with guests including product experts, customers, and industry peers.

Press Releases

Press Release- Cloudflare Announces the First Zero Trust SIM for Mobile Devices - To Better Secure Enterprises’ Corporate Networks and Protect Employees

Cloudflare announced the development of the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM, the first solution that secures every packet of data leaving mobile devices.

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Press Release- Cloudflare Announces $1.25 Billion “Workers Launchpad” Funding Program to Help Startups Grow Their Businesses

Partnership with 26 venture capital firms will provide support to startups building on Cloudflare Workers

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Press Release- Independent Research Firm Names Cloudflare a Web Application Firewalls Leader

Cloudflare receives highest score among evaluated WAF providers in the strategy category

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Press Release- Cloudflare Launches a User-Friendly, Privacy Preserving Alternative to CAPTCHAs for the World to Use

Cloudflare announced Turnstile, a simple, private way to replace CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and help validate humanity across the Internet.

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Press Release- Cloudflare Democratizes Spoof-Proof Security; Makes Hardware Security Keys More Accessible Than Ever for Millions of Customers Because it's Good for the Internet

Cloudflare announced a new offering to make physical security keys the most accessible and economical solution for customers to better secure their business and employees.

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