Swiftype Search

Add modern search to your site with one click! No code changes are required on your site.

The Swiftype Search App will add a "Search This Site" tab to the bottom of your website.

Swiftype search tab

When clicked, the tab becomes a search overlay that will let your users find what they're looking for with fast full-text search and autocomplete. No design changes are necessary to get great search.

Swiftype search overlay

With Swiftype, you gain complete control over how your results are ordered and insight into what your visitors are searching for -- and the results they're finding.

Note: Search results will be available a few minutes after adding the app (we need to crawl your website before displaying results).


The Swiftype Search Cloudflare App is the easiest way to add search to your website, but it's powerful, too.

Fast Full-Text Search and Autocomplete

Your visitors expect relevant results, returned quickly. Swiftype delivers, and includes modern features like type-ahead autocomplete.

Swiftype autocomplete

Mobile-Optimized Search Experience

Over 10% of web traffic is mobile. Swiftype is ready for your mobile users with an optimized search experience -- even if the rest of your site isn't. Increase your mobile metrics by helping mobile users find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Mobile-optimized search results

See What Your Users Are Searching For With Detailed Analytics

Powerful search is only half the story. With Swiftype, you can see what your users are looking for on your site and whether or not they're finding it. Search analytics make it possible to manage your user's search experience.

Search analytics

Drag-and-Drop to Search Result Re-Ordering

Swiftype constantly works to improve our search relevance. But ultimately, you should be in control of your search results. With Swiftype, you can perform a search, then drag and drop the results to your liking. You can also remove results, or add additional results.

Drag-and-drop result reordering

Complete Control Over What's Indexed on Your Site

Swiftype allows you to control which sections of your site are indexed. Swiftype respects robots.txt (more details and robots meta tags (more details). Additionally, you can use path inclusions and exclusions to exercise fine grained control over what parts of your site Swiftype will index.