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    Malware Scanning, Website Security Monitoring
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    Reputation Monitoring: $2.95/month
    Standard: $8.95/month
    Professional: $17.95/month
    Business: $44.95/month
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AntiVirus for Websites powered by an Artificial Intelligence

StopTheHacker is the easiest way to protect your website from attacks by known and unknown malware and viruses using an award winning AI-engine and machine learning techniques.

  • Detect attacks by known and unknown malware and hackers on your website
  • Automatically cleans your website from when malware is found
  • Prevent your online reputation from being tarnished
  • Protect your website, visitors, revenue, and builds customer confidence
  • Protects your Facebook persona

9,500 websites Are Hacked Everyday

Websites are compromised when account passwords are stolen via virus infections, web host vulnerabilities, outdated web application software, and much more. Once infected, sites are blacklisted by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari then block access to the compromised website leading to a drop in visits and sales, destroying the reputation of the website.

Security services from StopTheHacker protect your website and safeguard your the online reputation of your business, helping increase your revenue and reducing downtime due to compromise. Research on our unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) based scanning technology is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Easy to Use, Easy to Understand

With StopTheHacker it's easy to take control of your website's security. Identify potential security holes and fix them before hackers can break in. Helpful recommendations, access to a flexible and easy to understand online dashboard are included in our various services. Wouldn't you like to have peace of mind about the security of your website?

Automatic Malware Cleanup for your peace of mind

We know that not everybody is a security expert. Therefore if your website has malware on it, the automated system from StopTheHacker can remove it for you immediately or after a manual kick-off. You control the settings.

Get StopTheHacker for 24x7 Website Protection

Set up your account via CloudFlare and we start monitoring your website immediately. No software installation is needed, and your entire website (no limitation to the number of pages) is monitored weekly to continuously depending on the edition you chose. That's it! You will receive timely email alerts when our scan detects a security issue.

Protect More Than Just Your Website

StopTheHacker's Website Protection service includes these features:

  • Facebook App to protect your profile
  • Website Reputation Monitoring
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • StopTheHacker Trust Seal

Editions Available

StopTheHacker is available at many different levels, including:

  • Reputation Monitoring: $2.95/month
  • Basic: $8.95/month
  • Professional: $17.95/month
  • Business: $44.95/month