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    Content Monetization
    Free to install. 70% of revenue paid to website owner.
    Website owners from all countries are welcome, however it should be known: ads are served from US advertisers and are in English.

    According to the FTC's 16 CFR ยง 255.5, you are required to disclose your use of revenue generating links to your readers. Read more details here.


Prosperent ProsperLinks is a very simple way to earn extra revenue on your content without diminishing your readers' experience. When enabled and configured, it works instantly by analyzing your page content and turning product references into affiliated links. Additionally, ProsperLinks automatically affiliates existing links in your content. You get paid when your readers make a purchase!

ProsperLinks example

What is Prosperent?

Prosperent is an advertising company that specializes in retail and product advertising. With over 3,000 merchants including Zappos.com, 6pm, Overstock.com, Backcountry, REI, Nordstrom's and thousands of other retailers, Prosperent makes the best products available through their advertising products, and improves profitability for publishers.

How It Works

  1. Enable the ProsperLinks App in your CloudFlare Apps Manager.
  2. Configure the options for how the the link references should look. You have complete control over:
    • Link Underline: The underline of the links. No underline, single or double;
    • Hover Box: Whether to show the hover box or not when the links are moused over;
    • Link Limit: How many links, maximum, ProsperLinks should create on any given page;
    • Link Affiliation: Whether ProsperLinks should automatically convert existing links to other sites into affiliated links.
  3. ProsperLinks works instantly! All outbound links and clicks are tracked by Prosperent.

Fully-Featured Analytics

Dig deeper into your sales data and conversions and find out what it is that your readers are buying. Keep track on changes made and how new content is affecting your bottom line with automatic comparison reporting:

ProsperLinks Analytics


CloudFlare will pay publishers directly, on a net-60 day basis. Revenue accrued in March will be paid by the end of May, for example. Payments are made at the end of each month.