Panopta provides advanced server monitoring and outage management services to both enterprises and SMBs. We will be the first to tell you if your infrastructure is down and provide you with tools to fix it. But what makes us different and why should you choose us? We’ve boiled it down to three simple and unique areas that separate us from the rest of the market.

  • Deep and Wide Monitoring
  • No False Alerts
  • Intelligent Alerting

Deep and Wide Monitoring

We give you in-depth checks every 60 seconds from our global monitoring network, the Panopta Monitoring Agent – to understand resource consumption on local servers – and the Panopta Monitoring Appliance – to allow secure monitoring of network services and servers located internally behind the firewall. Together, these give you a complete view of your entire infrastructure wherever it sits.

No False Alerts. Ever.

We guarantee no false alerts – we combine checks from multiple geographic locations to ensure you are actually having a problem before starting the alerting process, ensuring you are contacted ONLY when there’s a real issue. No more chasing problems that aren't there.

Intelligent Alerting

We provide customizable notification timelines that give you flexibility in when and how alerts are sent. You can tailor notifications to specific systems, so you can alert the right people with the appropriate level of urgency based on the criticality of the problem. Use whatever alert types work best for your team – email, SMS, voice calls, Twitter, Campfire, Google Chat, IRC and more.


App Details
Server/Network Monitoring
$15/month for Solo
$50/month for Basic
$100/month for Intermediate
$250/month for Advanced
See below for plan differences.
Terms of Service