New Relic Browser

Go Beyond the Page Load.

Start Seeing the True Picture.

New Relic Browser is the only monitoring product that gives you everything you need - full visibility into the complete web page lifecycle for modern browser-side applications.

Monitor Real User Experience in the Browser

New Relic Browser provides valuable insight into the actual experience your real-users are having on your site. Get deep visibility and actionable insights into the front-end code of your web apps including browser page load times, JavaScript Errors (New Relic Browser Pro feature), Ajax timing (Pro feature), and performance breakdowns by browser and geography. Answer questions like:

  • How are visitors interacting with my site?
  • Are there any scripts slowing down my site?
  • How long before the first click happened?
  • What triggered that JavaScript error?
  • How long do my assets take to load?


  • Session Traces (Pro only)
  • AJAX Performance (Pro only)
  • AJAX Status Codes and Data Transfer (Pro only)
  • JavaScript Errors (Pro only)
  • Browser Performance Breakdowns
  • Page Load Performance
  • Geographic Reporting
  • Throughput and Load Times
  • Browser Versions
  • Ticketing System Integrations

New Relic Browser via Cloudflare Apps

Adding New Relic Browser monitoring to your website is incredibly fast and easy via Cloudflare apps - you can get a new New Relic account, add New Relic Browser monitoring to your site, and start understanding your real user’s experiences, all with just a couple clicks.

If you already have a New Relic account, it’s still super-easy - just follow the directions and you'll have New Relic Browser monitoring of your website almost instantly.


This application is New Relic Browser, Lite version. New Relic Browser Lite is free, with no strings attached or expiration. At any time, you may start a 30-day trial of New Relic Browser Pro, which includes features like JavaScript Errors, AJAX timing, and much more. At the end of the 30-day Pro trial, your account will revert to New Relic Browser Lite. At any time, you may choose to purchase an upgrade to New Relic Browser Pro at a monthly or annual subscription price based on your monthly page views.

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New Relic Browser Lite is free forever, includes a 30-day free trial of New Relic
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