Generate a privacy policy in seconds. Easy, fast, beautiful

Every website needs a privacy policy. It's the law, everywhere. Iubenda lets you generate one in seconds, beautifully designed, customized to your needs and remotely maintained by a legal team. This app will add a minimal privacy policy to your website right after the setup, as a badge attached to the lower border, and send you an email right after that will give you instruction on how to customize the result and seamlessly integrate it with your website.

Does My Website Need a Privacy Policy?

Most Countries' privacy laws require websites to provide information about the personal data collected, even about simple cookies. This is true in Europe, in the US and in many other Countries. In the real world, this means that even if your website simply collects analytics, for example through Google Analytics, it's required to have a privacy policy.

Where Is the Advantage of Using iubenda Instead of Doing It By Myself?

Writing a privacy policy by yourself is likely to mean, if you are not an expert, wasting time and getting frustrated. You don't know what to exactly write and end up copying from a template found online or from a similar website. The result is likely to fail both on protecting you from possible fines and on effectively informing your users. Iubenda lets you generate the privacy policy by selecting services and features used by your application (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Adsense, even a registration form or a mailing list). Our application turns this selection into legal text which is precise, customized on your specific needs and easy to read for the end user.

What About Hiring a Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is always the best option, but it comes at a price. Our service is still backed by lawyers, but - thanks to the automation provided by software - helps you save hunders of dollars in legal fees and get a highly professional result.

Does It Work in Multiple Countries?

We do our best to monitor all the most important Countries' privacy laws and keep the privacy policies generated by our service always up to date.

How Does the Result Look Like?

This is an example of privacy policy generated by iubenda:

The Simplified Privacy Policy Page

Simple privacy policy version

The Full Legal Policy

Full privacy policy version

Why a Monthly Price?

Your privacy policy is hosted on our servers, we keep it up to date in case the law changes and you can always edit it remotely, for example if you add a new service to your website, such as Google Adsense. The monthly price, moreover, allows us to keep the entry price of our service very low.

So, How Does It Work Exactly?

When you purchase iubenda for your website, a minimal privacy policy is generated and added to your website (attached to one of the window borders). An email is then sent to your email address with all the information required to furtherly configure your privacy policy and customize it depending on your needs. The privacy policy generated is hosted on our servers, so that we can keep it up to date in case the law changes, and help you remotely edit it. About integrating the privacy policy with your website, there are a few different options. By default, Cloudflare inserts a code that shows a privacy policy link attached to one of the window borders. You can also override this option by integrating the embedding code provided at the end of the configuration process, that lets you place the link to the privacy policy wherever you want and even embed the privacy policy text right into one of your pages.

How Do I Integrate the Privacy Policy With My Website?

There are several ways to do it:

  • Default way: Cloudflare automatically embeds a code on your website (that you can also choose to disable) that shows a privacy policy badge attached to one of the window borders. If clicked, the badge shows the privacy policy.
  • Custom code from our website: the default option is not so flexible, but if you follow the configuration steps (sent via email right after purchasing the service) you can grab an embedding code that you can place wherever you want or even use the direct policy URL for linking the policy.
  • Direct text embedding: in case you don't like integrating the privacy policy as an external link, we offer an option for embedding the privacy policy text right into a page you define. You just need to grab the direct text embedding code from the last configuration step (see the instructions sent via email after activating the service) and paste it into one of your pages' code.