Monitor your website 24x7 and get alerts when it is down, hacked, hijacked or defaced.

IPVTec is a first-of-its-kind behavioral analysis system that watches your website from the cloud, detects malicious activity, and immediately alerts you.

Your 24x7 Website Watchdog!

IPVTec analyses the behavior of your website and search for anomalies that trigger its detection sensors for malicious activity.

When a suspicious event occurs, IPVTec alerts you and your colleagues via SMS and e-mail with event details and call-to-action recommendations. IPVTec dashboard enables you to watch the sensors activity and event information 24×7.

Plans for Cloudflare Users

Plans Plans Contents

Your Account Activation

Start monitoring your website in 5 minutes!

Step 1 – Click the green Manage button above and pick your plan

Step 2 – Get a welcome activation e-mail and click the activation link

Step 3 – Login to your customized dashboard, add URLs to watch and contacts to get notifications

Voila! Your website watchdog is up and running for you!

App Details
CF Pro 5: $14.95/month
CF Pro 20: $74.95/month
CF Pro 50: $249.95/month
Orders and upgrades are managed through your Cloudflare account, and charges will be applied directly to your Cloudflare bill.