Browser Blaster

You've put a lot of work into your site design, but sometimes you just want to blow it up. Or give your visitors a harmless outlet for their frustrations, and have them smile while using your site.

Say hello to Browser Blaster. With one click, your visitors can enjoy the low-tech fun of blasting away at elements of your site.

How to Play

Once started, here's how you play Browser Blaster.

  • Steer with the arrow keys.
  • Shoot with the spacebar.
  • Almost cleared the screen, but can't see what's left? Press and hold B key.

Browser Blaster Placement

Do you want simple fun on every page of your site or a hidden treat for your in-the-know visitors? With Cloudflare, the choice is yours, and it's easy to make.

By default, Browser Blaster requires your site visitors to enter a secret code (see below). However, you can choose Automatic Mode to make Browser Blaster visible in the top-left corner of your site, ready to play with a click.

Create Your Site's Secret Code

Browser Blaster wouldn't trigger full nostalgia without requiring a secret code to play. For site owners using the default settings, Browser Blaster will appear after your site visitors enter the secret code. There's a default code which nostalgic video gamers will recognize in the picture below.

For more fun, you may record your own site-specific secret code during Setup.

Code is case-insensitive, and allows letters, numbers, and arrow keys.

Extra Reason for Visitors to Like and Tweet Your Site

While playing Browser Blaster, your visitors can "Like" your site on Facebook or use Twitter to tell their friends about your site. Facebook "Like" will link to your site, on whatever page the visitor was on. For Twitter, your visitor will have a prefilled entry with your site URL.

Site Performance Not Affected

You never want fun and games to come at the expense of site performance, so Browser Blaster loads asynchronously, after your site is available to visitors. There's no delay and no performance penalty.

To speed delivery even further, Cloudflare is hosting Browser Blaster on its global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

About Browser Blaster

Browser Blaster is a custom integration by Cloudflare of the code originally developed by Erik Rothoff Andersson. Cloudflare worked with Erik to offer Browser Blaster, and we're sharing revenue with him. Find this app anytime at