Meaww’s viral content gets served lightning fast with Cloudflare.


Meaww is a digital content company that delivers entertainment content to over 300 million registered users. “Our technology driven content strategy enables users to express themselves on platforms like Facebook and easily share content with their network of friends and family,” explained Vishwastam Shukla, Director of Engineering and Product at Meaww.

Meaww’s Challenge: Delivering Content to a User Base the Size of the United States

“Given the nature of content being static and variation of traffic being unpredictable,” Shukla noted, “we wanted a stable and easy way to scale our application.” Because traffic flows to Meaww’s platform in waves, paying for infrastructure to meet the demands of high volume meant paying for resources that went unused during normal traffic.

This problem was magnified for Meaww as they grew because the peak volume of traffic one day quickly became the norm the next. Without enlisting a solution, Meaww faced the possibility of their site going offline or being unresponsive at the precise moment volume to the platform was the highest— a worst case scenario for a business that works by serving ads to eyes on their content. Thus, Meaww was searching for a solution that could offer predictable pricing and guaranteed performance regardless of the traffic they saw.

Meaww’s Solution: Content Delivery at Maximum Speed

“Cloudflare turned out to be the perfect solution to our challenge as well as a much more price effective option compared to the other vendors we looked into,” remarked Shukla. “Since we deliver digital content to users, a faster website is key to customer experience. Users can derive maximum value by increased engagement which can only happen when our content delivery is blazing fast.”

Cloudflare delivers Meaww’s content blazing fast through two products: a best-in-class CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Argo Smart Routing. Cloudflare’s CDN caches and serves Meaww’s content from data centers in 194 cities around the world, in turn delivering content to Meaww’s users in nearby regions to greatly reduce latency. Plus, because Cloudflare is taking care of delivering the content, Meaww saves over 120 TB of bandwidth every month (an 81% savings on bandwidth costs).

Furthermore, Meaww makes use of Cloudflare’s Argo Smart Routing, which delivers Meaww’s content on the quickest paths available on the Internet resulting in an over 55% faster site.

Vishwastam Shukla

“Users can derive maximum value by increased engagement which can only happen when our content delivery is blazing fast.”

Vishwastam Shukla
Director of Engineering and Product